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Jokes aside, call me Henry! I'm a Front-end developer and software development, especially the web, is my lingo. My adventure started back in high school at the age of 16 when I was learning Adobe Flash (rest in peace 2020) in my multimedia class, learning all sorts of design fundamentals.

Seeing simple, yet flashy animated graphics move across the screen tickled my brain but only accessible via a .swf file. Thus, my interest into this field began with one sole question:

"What if I made this accessible to anyone to enjoy?"

Fast-forward to today, after several twists and turns in my life, front-end development is simply my calling to scratch that high school itch. Despite the challenges and continuous learning curve in this field, I would like to prove it to you and myself by creating websites accessible to all.

Outside my development life, nothing beats a productive day than sitting down and enjoying a good video game. Coffee, chill, maybe some Terraria - you know it!